Jus Naturale — a new generation company, business-coordinator and growth driver for companies, who want to sell their products using ICO crowdsale.

We have comprehensive solutions for conducting ICO of any scale.

Jus Naturale Solutions:

Technological solutions- Smart-contract creation and deployment

- Website and personal cabinet development

- Creation of a technological platform for ICO

- Technical support for the entire ICO period

- Technical specialists consultations 

Legal solutions- Tokenization of corporate rights and assets

- Development and adaptation of the token legal design

- Development or correction of necessary legal documents, including user agreement, privacy policy, etc. 

- Consultations on all legal aspects of the ICO, including regulation in different jurisdictions

Marketing solutions- Development and implementation of marketing campaign

- Help with crypto-exchanges listing

- Bounty program development and support for the localization of the marketing campaign

- 24/7 technical user support organization

- User community creation and interaction

- Marketing professionals consultations

Consulting solutions- Development and correction of projects whitepaper and other documents, related to ICO

- Business planning and design of services using blockchain and token technologies

- Token concept development and consulting

- Audit of all necessary documentation and business plans 

- Translation of all necessary documentation into required languages

- Selection of the necessary specialists for your project